Hair Styling for a Romantic & Rustic Wedding – Nestldown, Los Gatos

I had such a great time with Lindsey yesterday in Nestldown, Los Gatos.   Lindsey is a dance teacher with a cheerful personality and a beautiful smile that can lighten up the room.  As a dance teacher, Lindsey has always done makeup for performances and she decided to do her own makeup for this important day of her life.  Thanks Mattie Mott from Nestldown for referring Lindsey to me for her hair design! We have never met for a trial due to Lindsey’s busy work schedule and wedding planning.  We just communicated via emails and I asked her to describe her wedding theme, a picture of her in her dress, and hairstyles she likes.  Lindsey couldn’t decide on hairstyle she liked and on the wedding day, she just told me…”something twisted curls, and a braid…!” I wanted to create a hairstyle that suits Lindsey’s personality that she could dance freely and would last through the weather (it was a little foggy and you could feel the moisture in the air!).  With her shoulder length and thick curly hair, I was able to create a low-mid height bun with a braid in the front and twisted curls.  Lindsey has A LOT of hair enough to put into TWO ponytails with a size of a quarter as diameter!  I had to use my T3 iron to first flatten the natural curls for smoothness, then curled by sessions and put together this hairstyle.  Lindsey kept apologizing for having so much hair but I had so much fun working (playing) with her hair!  She loved the style I created for her!  Thank you for trusting me, Lindsey!



Oh, and Lindsey’s family!  I was lucky to get to meet everyone because they were all in the living room while I was doing her hair in the dining table…haha… I can tell why Lindsey has such adorable, kind, and happy personality because her entire family is just like that!  Lindsey is a beautiful bride inside out from a happy family and I am sure she will have a happy marriage as well!  Best Wishes, Lindsey!!

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